De Utvalgte | Skuggar (Shadows) | Belgische première | Monty

De Utvalgte | Skuggar (Shadows) | Belgische première

vrijdag 5 februari 2016, 20:30
zaterdag 6 februari 2016, 20:30

met Engelse boventitels

Shadows is een verhaal over opgroeien en oud worden, over de spanning tussen de vergankelijkheid en het eeuwige voortleven in herinneringen.

Het verhaal ontplooit zich in een abstract landschap dat in sterk contrast staat met de fysieke kwaliteit van Jon Fosse’s tekst. Een externe verhaallijn is zo goed als afwezig en de personages bevinden zich in een nultoestand in een immateriële ruimte, waar de herinneringen aan een leven samen het enige bewijs van hun bestaan vormen.

De personages vertellen over een leven samen: kinderen, ouders, huwelijkspartners en minnaars. De herinneringen vormen het enige bewijs van hun bestaan; ruimte en tijd verdwijnen; ‘Alles is nu en alles is altijd’.

Verhalen die lang begraven waren, komen terug naar de oppervlakte als levende emoties. Ze geven een onbehaaglijk en machteloos gevoel, daar het moment van antwoord of reactie lang vervlogen is. De tekst daagt ons uit om enkele existentiële vragen te stellen: wie zijn we en welke sporen laten we na in elkaars leven?

Shadows is een aangrijpende en mysterieuze voorstelling met een prachtige beeldtaal.

De Utvalgte stelde Shadows op in het Black Box Theater in Oslo in februari 2009. Sindsdien is de productie op tour in Noorwegen en het buitenland.

tekst Jon Fosse | regisseur Kari Holtan | video, scenografie, foto Boya Bøckman | begeleiding Jørgen Langhelle, Kari Holtan | muziek  Torbjørn Davidsen, John Birger Wormdahl,  Kari Holtan | producent, dramaturg Anne Holtan | lichtontwerp Jean Vincent Kerebel | acteurs video Fabian Sæthre,  Leo Holtan Bøckman, Lois Mathias Williams, Ronja Maria Rodrigues, Synne Flikke | acteurs op het podium Eva Bøe Moen, Hans Wedvik, Kari Vik Knutsen, Stein Davidsen | ontwerp maskers Carle Lange |coproducer Torbjørn Davidsen | coproductie Black Box Teater | met steun van Norwegian arts council en het Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken


Shadows has its own universe, open, clear and at the same time disturbing and enigmatic. ‘Everything is now and everything is always’. The fact that time and space are dissolved allows me as a reader to recognize my own unease. They exist in an immaterial room in a state of zero, where memories of a life together is the only evidence. The text challenges to ask existential questions and wonder who we are and how we leave traces in each other’s lives.”- Director Kari Holtan.

De Utvalgte set up Shadows at the Black Box Theatre in February 2009. The production was invited to the Bergen International Festival the same year and has since been on tour in Norway and abroad.

Shadows is the first written play that De Utvalgte set up in its entirety. Jon Fosse’s writing, however, has followed with De Utvalgte since 1995 in the performance “Erosion”. Text material in this performance was based on several of Fosse’s novels. This was before he had his breakthrough as a dramatist. The meeting with his lyrics then became a harrowing experience which created a fascination that has been there since. The time was ready to realize a wish to work with his text universe again when we produced Shadows in 2009.

The drama seems to unfold in an abstract landscape that stands in strong contrast to the text physical quality. The outer storyline is almost absent. The characters are interconnected in various ways: Child-parenting, marriage and infidelity. It is now buried as emotional memories come to the surface as sensual experiences. It is also unacceptable and frightening because there is no longer a motive for action. In this play all of the text is performed by children from 6 to 10 years, exposed in video projections. During the production period De Utvalgte video-recorded the children’s faces while they were instructed to perform the text of the various roles. This footage was later edited to be projected at six cocoon-like heads casted in plastic. On the stage four elderly people are wandering without saying a word.

Kari Holtan was nominated for The Hedda Award 2009 for best director for Shadows.

««... theatrical poetry, existential wonder, and an almost mediative contemplation – mixed with a bit of enraptured amazement at how well the childrens’ readings can work. It becomes a thought-provoking, different theatre, as if from a different place, given to us here and now» - Andreas Wiese, Dagbladet 4/2-09 

«Through the childface and voice they touch upon a pure existential nerve»- Elin Høyland, Morgenbladet 6/2-09 

«De Utvalgte connect the unexpected with the expected. We experience more and on many levels, both intelectually and emotionally»
Inger Margrethe Lunde, Aftenposten 6/2-09 

«There are moments in this performance that blow a hole through the roof»
Therese Bjørneboe, Klassekampen 6/2-09 

«De Utvalgtes original and conscious interpretation is strong both visually and lyrically, and not least - it expands Jon Fosse's theatrical universe» IdaLou Larsen, 17/02-09 

«With advanced artistic means, it was here brought forth a new understanding of an old message: you can reach many key insights only when you again become like a child»
Jan Bachmann, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 28/5-09 

«An original grip casts light on the shadow game, and hit a perfect tone in Jon Fosses' Drama» Martin Nordvik, Adresseavisen 9/5-09